We notify New Price Domain By Panel

 Sep 15th

* Notice domains by Panel has price of ANNUAL RECORDS $ 13.00USD, A $15.59USD   Active Panel Tool Does Not Change For Customers- WHOIS Contact Details Modification- Manage Secret Domain- Manage Child Name Servers- Manage Servers Name DNS- Manage theft protection- Manage DNSSEC---Domain Reseller Services Consultation through tickets. Read More »

NetcroHosting Web Portals Update

 Aug 17th

Hello dear customersWe notify that our staff of support and design engineers work on our web portals in updates and it is possible to enter the customer areas and make a purchase through the PayPal system. with technology and cloud systemUpdate date 08/16/2019 - Ends 08/23/2019-If you have a problem or cannot access the portal, you can send an ... Read More »

5 Aniversarios NetcroHosting C.A,

 Aug 16th

Hola, a todo nuestros cliente. NetcroHosting C.A, Está Cumpliendo 5 Años En Mercado de Internet, Ofreciendo A Sus Clientes Los Mejores Servidores Con Tecnología E Innovación de Alta Gama y de Mejor Infraestructura Data Center Cloud Con Nueva Ubicaciones. A Todo Nuestros Cliente Tiene 50% de Descuento en Todo Los Producto Por Tal Solo 5 Dia ... Read More »

important! Changes in cPanel hosting control panel

 Aug 5th

NotificationcPanel, one of the most used companies worldwide for its hosting management control panel, announced a significant price increase without notice. Originally, cPanel's pricing structure was limited to licenses for private servers, and dedicated servers with unlimited accounts. Now, they are changing to the following structure: cPanel ... Read More »

Cuenta Bancaria Para Realiza Pago En Venezuela.!

 Jul 22nd

Hola, Esta Son Nuestras cuenta Bancaria para realica transferencia o renovaciones para pago en Bs. VenezuelaDatos Bancarios.-- Banco: CaroniNombre: NetcroHosting C.ARIF: J-407701665Tipo Cuenta: CorrienteNumero de Cuenta:0128-0066-57-6600019696Correo de pago | admin@netcrohosting.com-- Banco: MercantilNombre: Steven RamosCedula: 22.850.892Tipo ... Read More »

Available Operator of Sale Through Whatsapp

 Jun 28th

* Access and Operator of Venezuela: Available Language / English / Dutch / Chinese (Simplified) / Russian / French / SpanishWhatsApp Operator: Number +58 424 871 70 22- Functions to consult plans and services.- Business access- Report problem with payment- Failure with the ticket system or web portal problem.- Get discount and promotions.---* ... Read More »

Data Center Cloud United Kingdom - Available In October

 Jun 3rd

Hello, dear customer soon be available in October new data center Cloud united kingdoms, with the best servers in the Cloud. Product To Offer.- Cloud Hosting- Cloud VPS- Cloud PRO- .cloud domain- Private Cloud- Cloud server- Storage of objects in the Cloud- Backup in the Cloud Any information consult through ticket on cloud technology.  Read More »

Nuevo Portal Disponible Para Chile

 Apr 5th

Hola Estimados Cliente. Notificamos habilitado el portal web de País Chile. www.netcrohosting.cl Para que pueda realiza perdido y servicios para chile y pueda paga mediante la moneda local de chile. *AVISO algunas cuenta de cliente sera actualizada a moneda de Peso Chileno (CLP) para que su sistema de facturacion no sea PayPal si no deposito ... Read More »

OpenVZ VS. KVM – Comparing Virtualizations

 Feb 14th

NetcroHosting wants to help you understand which virtualization best suits your hosting needs. NetcroHosting has two different types of virtualization available, OpenVZ and KVM. Both types of virtualization have distinct advantages and disadvantages. When to Use OpenVZ Virtualization?Use OpenVZ if you want the lowest price for a VPS. OpenVZ is a ... Read More »

New Server VPS / KVM / OPENVZ

 Feb 14th

We install New NODE for OpenVZ and KVM equipment. OPENVZ VPS  All our OpenVZ VPSes run on great hardware: major brand servers with Intel Xeon CPUs and at least 4 enterprise drives in a hardware RAID10 + Battery Backup set up.--KVM VPS Our KVM VPSes offer the best-in-breed features and resource isolation. They are backed by major brand servers ... Read More »