Information addressed to the clientele of Venezuela

 Sep 29th

NetcroHosting CA, informs its distinguished clientele in Venezuela that in response to Decree No. 4,553 by which the National Executive established that as of October 1, 2021 the New Monetary Expression comes into effect, we will be presenting interruptions in our billing department during the period from October 1 to October 4, 2021. We work to ... Read More »

New Products Available right now. !!!

 Aug 23rd

Data centers MIA1. New equipment available on our web portalVPS Products: - VPS Miami FL. Mx 5Processor: KVM 2.99GhzCores: 4x CoresMemory RAM: 6 GB DDR3Hard Disk: 250 GB SATATransfer: UnlimitedConnection of: 150mbpsIdera: V8-82Technical support: 24HrsDatacenters: Miami FL, USA -- - VPS Miami FL. Mx6Processor: KVM 2.99GhzCores: 4x CoresMemory ... Read More »

Price modification from June

 May 21st

The Price Applies to products: - VPS Cloud. - VPS KVM. - Resellers Hosting cPanel - IP Subtnet /24 Resellers - Dedicated Server - CloudHosting - Prices will have an increase of $1.25USD. each starting in June. More Information Consultation.

Updated the Client Areas cPanel Module.

 Mar 31st

We notify our clients that they have Shared cPanel Web Hosting, we have enabled all our active hosting clients with a tool module in our web portal, so that they can manage the hosting from client areas.

APP soon available. NetcroHosting C.A, clients.

Idera Backup 2X2TB / Anti-DDoS Bots Block 1TB Mia2 Control Update

 Dec 16th

Hello, we notify available:
- V-5235-Idera-Backup 2x2 in VPS Remote Hosting
- V-5526-Idera-block-DDoS 1Tb Bots on Dedicated Servers Mia2 Datacenters.
More information check ticket.

Retired Domain Extensions VE.

 Oct 29th

Hello, we notify all our clients that our platform will no longer offer the VE domains product. Conatel.

any information you can contact us by ticket. Greetings.

Temporary PayPal account

 Jun 15th

We report that our PayPal account has a problem with the automatic renewal system, we have assigned a temporary PayPal account until the problem is resolved. We apologize for the problem. -- Any questions consult via tickets

New URL Domains Panel

 May 3rd

New Domain Panel URL for resellers and customers new URL for EURO currency and USD $ United States.

more information consult through tickets

Website Correcting Mobile Errors

 Mar 30th

We notify our clients that we have corrected mobile errors to make lost or enter panels or modules of all our website - all modules to perform lost and enter panel and report ticket was corrected. APP will soon be enabled. ... Read More »

New Price DomainVE

 Mar 25th

Hello, we notify all our users that we have adjusted the price of the domainVE, the conatel platform made new adjustments to its platform and modified new price for all its domains
more information consult by ticket