Rank Elimination and Updates.

 May 16th

We notify all our customers/resellers. We have eliminated the range 162.252.58.xx in all our servers at the datacenter level, it will no longer be available. * We updated the new URL of the IderaServer backup servers. * We modified the DNS control panel of domains in update of IPs. * We will enable /24 block for rent only for resellers. In ... Read More »

New to the department: Web Access

 Apr 21st

We notify all our Clients/Resellers

We have enabled a new Web Addons department.
What can you check:


Among other features only available to customers / resellers with website hosting within our servers.

IP changes 162.252.57.xxx and 162.252.58.xxx

 Apr 1st


We will be updating all IPs in related services to 162.252.57.xxx and 162.252.58.xxx, due to adjustments being made at the datacenter level.
You will be receiving information about each of the affected services, and a ticket will be created to update the network settings.

Any questions let us know.

New Hosting Support System.

 Mar 24th

We notify all our clients and reseller that we have modified the Idera Servers backup services. Once the services are suspended or deleted, users will have an additional 30 days to recover their information from our servers of cPanel Hosting Web / Panel WHM Hosting account. Totally free. You can recover data or reactivate your account ... Read More »

We notify our customers and Reseller

 Mar 21st

We notify and apologize to all our customers for the delay in delivery of VPS / Dedicated Server products.

We are Installing a new RACK and a new IP block to cover the demand among our affiliate reseller and clients.

Any questions ask via ticket
Team NetcroHosting C.A,

Account security update

 Mar 11th

We have improved account security and verification of IPs and connections through browsers and the use of cookies.

For the safety of our customers. Be safer when browsing our customer web portal, some customers have been sent a new password. You just have to enter the panel and assign a new password.

any questions consult via ticket.

We update our site for your well-being

 Mar 2nd

We have updated our website and optimized it for your operations, all bugs on our site have been fixed and we have adapted all our web portals and client area for all mobile devices. Now you can make all the requests you want from your mobile, open a ticket, enter customer areas, see all our products on the web portals. - www.netcrohosting.com- ... Read More »

Black Friday Discount 30%

 Nov 26th

Black Friday Promotion Starts 11/26/2021 - Ends 11/27/2021 Take advantage of our Black Friday with a 30% discount on the Products  VPS KVM Mx - 30% Discount    - LINK HERE  DEDICATED SERVERS - 30% Discount - LINK HERE CORPORATE MAIL - 30% Discount - LINK HERE WEB HOSTING CPANEL - 30% Discount - LINK HERE RESELLER ... Read More »

Panel Proxmox Updates

 Nov 4th

We notify all our users that we have improved and updated our proxmox panel of the VPS servers.

More information consult by ticket.

Information addressed to the clientele of Venezuela

 Sep 29th

NetcroHosting CA, informs its distinguished clientele in Venezuela that in response to Decree No. 4,553 by which the National Executive established that as of October 1, 2021 the New Monetary Expression comes into effect, we will be presenting interruptions in our billing department during the period from October 1 to October 4, 2021. We work to ... Read More »