cPanel, one of the most used companies worldwide for its hosting management control panel, announced a significant price increase without notice.

Originally, cPanel's pricing structure was limited to licenses for private servers, and dedicated servers with unlimited accounts.

Now, they are changing to the following structure:

cPanel Solo - $ 17 monthly (1 account)
cPanel Admin - $ 25 monthly (up to 5 accounts)
cPanel Pro - $ 32 monthly (up to 30 accounts)
c Premier Panel - $ 50 per month (up to 100 accounts, + $ 0.25 per account above 100)

While prices seem similar, the account limit affects costs significantly for hosting providers and the datacenter industry.

cPanel has been receiving strong pressure to reassess its decision. His reasoning for this increase is that the hardware currently available is better than 20 years ago, but cPanel was acquired last year by the Oakley Capital company, an investment company, so they were expected to seek higher profits.

What our customers should know:

This decision took us by surprise. Most of our clients use cPanel to manage their web pages and we understand that it will have a great impact on increasing costs.

cPanel has announced that its new structure will begin to be implemented as of September 1, 2019.

Meanwhile, if you use reseller accounts in WHM / cPanel, make an effort and delete accounts that are inactive, the fewer accounts there are, the more chances that prices remain the same on your server.

We will continue analyzing and studying other strategies to face this new challenge and arrive at a better situation for our clients and associates.

We will be updating this information to the extent that we have news from cPanel and our customers' feedback.

 Monday, August 5, 2019

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